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If you want your party to go off without a hitch, you need to turn to the best frozen drink machine rental service. Lucky for you, you have found them. At Margarita Monkey, we rent the finest commercial quality margarita machines and deliver them with premium, bar quality drink mixes. We always deliver clean, well maintained machines.

Our machines are new  models and come with attractive stainless steel serving carts. We will never wheel in an old and outdated machine on a plastic janitors cart. Our machines look asa good as the drinks taste. Click the instant quote link and start your rental process now.

What’s Included?

You only have to provide the alcohol, we handle the rest. We will deliver and pick up a commercial quality double bowl margarita machine, a sturdy stainless steel cart with a skirt,  50 cups & 50 straws for a great price with no hidden fees and no delivery charges.

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Our Mixes

Choose from the most popular flavors. Most choose Margarita Gold but you can also get Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricanes or Lemonade.

Our Margarita Machines

We chose our machines for a reason. Some companies rent box machines but there are several advantages to our machines.

  • Fast & Complete Freezing.
    Our machines will freeze your entire mix in about 90 minutes. Those box machines can freeze the mix a bit faster but this is because they are only freezing about a gallon at a time. This is not enough to deal with the initial rush at the start of a party. Our machines have over 5 gallons of drink ready to go when your party starts.
  • Attractive Finish.
    Our machines just look good. They display the product well and come wrapped in a modern finish. They are also placed on attractive stainless steel carts. No ugly rubbermaid carts.
  • No Down Time.
    Our machines have proven themselves to be reliable. They will not quit on you in the middle of a party. We also replace them regularly so they are always new models.
  • Get TwoFlavors.
    Two bowls means that you can serve two flavors of drinks.
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