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Margarita Monkey is your source for the finest commercial margarita machine rentals. We rent only the best commercial quality machines. We will never wheel in an outdated relic on a rubbermaid cart. Our machines are new models that are regularly maintained and replaced often. This ensures that you get a machine that will work reliably and quietly.

In addition we have a flare for details and do NOT use the janitors carts that most companies used. Even when they include a skirt, they just look bad. Our rentals come with full stainless steel service carts. They will look as good as they perform. Ready to reserve your rental? Why not click on the instant quote link above an get started.

What is included?

We will deliver and pick up a commercial quality double bowl margarita machine, a stainless steel cart with a skirt,  50 cups & 50 straws for a great price with no hidden fees and no delivery charges.

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Our Mixes

Choose from the most popular flavors. Most choose Margarita Gold but you can also get Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricanes or Lemonade.

About Our Machines

This is one of the main difference between us and our competitors. Most frozen drink machine rental companies in Rockwall want to rent you the bar machines. These are not always the best for residential use. We use the newer design bowl machines and here is why.

  • They freeze the entire mix fast.
    Bar machines freeze only about a gallon at a time in their small hopper. When there is a rush on the machine, and there always is at the start of a party, they can not keep up. Our machines will freeze over 5 gallons of mix at once so they can handle a rush.
  • No freeze ups.
    Bar machines are built for slow, consistent work. They can not handle big rushes and they can not handle down time. If the machine sits for an extended time without serving a drink, they are prone to freezing up. A major inconvenience.
  • They are cleaner.
    Bar machines were never meant to be cleaned daily. They are hard to get apart which means that in the rental world, they may not get thoroughly cleaned between each use. Our machines are fully cleaned and sanitized between each use.
  • They look great.
    Our machines highlight the product and come complete with attractive stainless steel service cart..


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