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Margarita Monkey is happy to provide the best frozen drink machines in the Rowlett area. If you want the best for your guests, call on us. We deliver on time, every time and only use the finest commercial quality machines. Our machines are new model units and we replace them often. We will never rent you a decade old machine on a plastic cart.

Our machines look as good as our drinks taste. They have new modern finishes and come with their own stainless steel service cart setup. They will make your party, not detract from it. Click on the instant quote link above and get started with your rental.

What is included?

The price that we quote includes everything you need for a fantastic frozen drink experience. We will deliver and pick up a commercial quality double bowl margarita machine, a sturdy stainless steel service cart with black skirt,  50 cups & 50 straws for a great price with no hidden fees and no delivery charges.

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Our Mixes

Choose from the most popular flavors. Most choose Margarita Gold but you can also get Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricanes or Lemonade.

About Our Machines

We give our machines a lot of credit for our success. We invested in the best so that we can deliver the best experience for our customers. Our machines have many advantages that make them perfect for most frozen drink rentals. Here are just a few of the benefits.

  1. Complete mix freezing.
    Our machines freeze all of the mix so that they are ready for the rush that happens at the beginning of an event. They do this in about 90 minutes. Those box machines freeze a bit faster but they only freeze about a gallon at a time. They can not keep up in a sudden rush and there is always a rush. Our machines will have over 5 gallons of mix ready to go.
  2. No freeze ups.
    Box machines are designed for regular dispensing at a steady pace. If there is a lull in the action, they can freeze up at the nozzle. A big inconvenience.
  3. They are easier to clean.
    Our machines come completely apart for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Bar machines are complicated to clean because they are not designed to be cleaned daily. If something is hard to do, it often does not get done. Don’t settle for a rinsed machine when you can get a clean and sanitized one.
  4. Get Two Flavors.
    Our machines have two hoppers so you can serve two different flavors if you like.
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