10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margaritas

Margaritas are one of the most popular drinks in Texas. Just about every restaurant has their version of a margarita on the menu. This popularity also comes with a rich history. Here are some things that you probably do not know about the Margarita.

  1. The origin of the margarita is not officially known. Mentions of similar recipes can be seen in print as early as the 1930’s.┬áSome say it was invented in the 1930’s in Tijuana by Danny Herrera who made the drink for one of his showgirls, Marjorie. Margarita is a Spanish version of her name. Another theory is that it was invented by socialite Margarita Sames at one of her parties in 1948.
  2. In 2008 Americans consumed 185,000 margaritas per hour.
  3. The United Staes consumes more tequila than any other country, even more than Mexico.
  4. Salt is more than a garnishment. The salt helps bring out the sweet and sour tastes in the margarita.
  5. The frozen margarita machine was invented in the early 1970s by restauranteur Mariano Martinez who was looking for a fast way to serve his customers a consistent frozen margarita. He got his inspiration from a slurpee machine.
  6. 35% of margaritas are consumed in the south.
  7. 18% of mixed drinks in the United States are margaritas.
  8. February 22nd is National Margarita Day.
  9. Margaritaville in Las Vegas holds the Guinness world record for the largest margarita measuring in at 8500 gallons and created in 2011.
  10. The best frozen margarita machine rentals can be found in Caddo Mills Texas from a company called Margarita Money. ( We had to add this one.)
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