7 Things To Not Do At An Office Party

A lot of our machine rentals are to commercial establishments and become a focal point of the office party. While we do not get to see most of these parties, We are sure that not everyone ends up being well behaved. If you have an office party coming up, here are a few things you should NOT do. Enjoy.

  1. Do Not Get Wasted
    Have a drink or too but do not overindulge. This can be tough to do because our margaritas really are that good , but try. Have a non alcoholic drink between each margarita and keep in mind that there is something about the sugar in margaritas. If you do not count your drinks, they can catch you by surprise.
  2. Do Not Keep To Your Clique
    These parties are designed to bring the office together. Branch out and meet others from your work. It is a good way to get your name out there and ingrain yourself as part of the office.
  3. Do Not Post To Social Media
    Innocent comments or pictures posted on social media can come back to haunt you. These things have a way of making their way out, so be careful
  4. Do Not Talk Too Much Work
    Talk about something else besides work unless you want to make sure that nobody around you has a good time. You have a life outside of work and so do others. Find out about it.
  5. Do Not Dress Risky
    This means do not show too much skin and do not wear clothes that are too tight. You don’t want to get the reputation as the office you know what. Dress nicely but conservatively like this.
  6. Do Not Make Inappropriate Contact
    You have a few drinks and you might think about acting on that office crush. Do not do this, keep it together.
  7. Do Not Forget To Thank The Organizer
    Be sure to thank the person who organizes the party. It is good manners and chances are that this is someone in charge of getting things done at the office. You want them on your side.
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