About Our Machines

We use only top of the line commercial frozen drink machines. We have chosen the model of our machine carefully because they offer a number of advantages over other models. You may have seen some companies offering those 300 pound bar machines for rent but these have several disadvantages. The biggest one is that they are prone to freezing up. Bar machines are designed to be constantly distributing product, so when the action slows like it does at a party, they freeze at the nozzle. The second disadvantage is that they are hard to move and hard to place in a typical house. While our machines,  at 140 pounds, are not lightweights, they are much more portable. Another disadvantage of these bar machines is that they only allow you to make one flavor of drink, unless you rent two of course, which would be expensive.

margarita-machineAdvantages To Margarita Monkey Machines

  • Rapid freeze technology allows for drink mixes to freeze within 45 minutes.
  • Attractive display leaves no doubt in your guests mind that they want a drink.
  • Two bowl design holds 6 gallons of product at any given time and allows for you to make two different flavors.
  • Portable machine with attractive cart can be placed virtually anywhere.
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