Cold Weather Fun

It is always margarita time in Texas. Just because the temperatures have dipped does not man that your guests will not love a frozen drink. Give them what they want with a frozen drink machine from Margarita Monkey. Don’t believe me? Go check out any Tex Mex restaurant in the area and hang out in the bar. You will see that the bartenders serving up gallons of frozen margaritas. (Using machines just like the ones we rent, by the way.)

So what do you get with a frozen drink machine rental from Margarita Monkey?

You get a commercial quality bar machine, not a flimsy plastic home machine. We bring the machine to your home and set it up for you. We also provide the drink mix, 50 cups and a sturdy and attractive cart with skirt. You just provide the alcohol and the guests. When your party is over, we pick up and clean the machine. This means that all that you need to do is enjoy yourself.

Reserve your margarita machine today!

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