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If you want to really have a good time at your next party in Kissimmee, you need a margarita machine rental. Nobody has ever told us that they regret ordering one. A margarita machine gives your guest something different and lets you enjoy your party instead of playing bartender.

At Margarita Monkey, we want to be your go to place for margarita machines. To reach that goal, we offer you things that no other party rental service in Kissimmee offers. Take a look.

Fast Online Reservations

Get a quote for your machine and reserve your rental online in about 60 seconds.

Just click on the “instant quote” link at the top of the page and enter in what you would like to rent. You will then get an exact quote for your rental and if you like it, just select “book this event” to sign your contract and pay your deposit. Easy as can be.

Budget Friendly Rates

We include a lot of things in our basic rental price that other margarita machine rental services in Kissimmee charge for.

Every rental includes a 2 barrel margarita machine allowing you to serve up to 2 different flavors. The machine is mounted to a stainless steel service cart with an attractive black pleated skirt. Mixes are just $15 a piece. Delivery and next day pick up is always FREE.

Premium Drink Mixes

A machine is only as good as the mix that you put in it.

Choose from all of the popular flavors. This includes Margarita Gold, Strawberry Margarita, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri. Peach Bellini, Hurricane, Blue Hawaiian and Lemonade

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Our Kissimmee Margarita Machine Rental

Below is our standard margarita machine rental that we offer in Kissimmee. This one is rocking Strawberry Daiquiri and Blue Hawaiian.

A margarita machine in Kissimmee FL.

Have some questions about our rentals. Here are the most common ones that we are asked.

Do You Include Everything?

In short, we provide everything that you need except the alcohol.

This includes delivery, next day pick up, the machine, cups, straws and a stainless steel serving cart. Mixes are just $15. Margarita mixes make 75 drinks while all others make 65 drinks.

When Is Delivery?

We will contact you the day before your event in Kissimmee with a one hour delivery window. Rentals will arrive at least 2 hours before your party begins.

How Much Mix Do I Need?

Each mix makes 65 to 75 servings. In general, one mix per 20 guests is sufficient, but your mileage may vary.

Our Frozen Drink Machines

We chose our machines for a reason. They offer a lot of features that set us apart in Kissimmee. Take a look.

Double Bowls – Twice The Options

It is nice to be able to offer your guests an option at your party. Believe it or not, not everyone likes margaritas. Shocking, we know, but this is why we offer two bowls. Choose a second flavor or give your guest a no alcohol option.

Big Compressors

Our machines can freeze 5 gallons of mix in 90 minutes and they have the power to keep it cold on a hot Central Florida day.

For best performance, indoor set ups are recommended when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Attractive Finish

A sleek black modern design coupled with stainless steel carts. Much more attractive than the plastic janitors carts favored by most other companies.