Lockhart, FL

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Throwing a party in Lockhart and looking for a margarita machine to rent? At Margarita Monkey, we want to be your rental service and want to earn your repeat business and referrals. You get more with Margarita Monkey. We rent only premium machines, have reliable and courteous delivery and when you order with us, you get a product that looks as good as it tastes.

You get new machines with modern finishes and each machine comes with a stainless steel service cart. No ugly plastic rubbermaid carts. If you want a machine that makes your party, you need to rent from us. To top it off, we have some of the best prices in Lockhart. See for yourself by clicking the link above and getting an instant quote.

What’s Included?

You only need to provide the alcohol. We will do the rest. We will deliver and pick up a commercial quality double bowl margarita machine and a sturdy stainless steel cart with black skirt.

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A Lockhart margarita machine rental.

Our Mixes

Choose from the most popular flavors. Most choose Margarita Gold but you can also get Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricanes or Lemonade.

The Frozen Drink Machines

Our machines were chosen based on what they provide our customers. Some companies will tell you that you need one of their steel behemoths but our machines have a number of benefits over those machines. Here are just a few.

  • Complete Freezing
    Our margarita machines freeze the entire mix at once and freeze it in about 90 minutes. Other machines can freeze their mix a few minutes quicker but only because they are freezing just what is in the hopper, about a gallon. Our machines freeze the full bowls, over 5  gallons.
  • They Look Better
    The product is beautifully displayed and the machines are wrapped in modern finishes and placed on a stainless steel cart. NO ugly plastic carts with cheesy skirts.
  • Reliability
    Our machines have a reputation for durability and unlike the other machines, they are not prone to freezing up at the nozzle. We also replace them often so that they are new and up to date.
  • Serve Two Flavors
    With two bowls, you can serve two different flavors of drinks.