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Nobody has ever told us that they regret ordering a margarita machine in Orlando and for good reason. They take your party to the next level. Your guests will love them and you wll love not having to play bartender all night.

Even better is the fact that we make it incredibly easy to rent a machine in Oviedo. Just click on the instant quote link above and select what you would like. Our system will give you an exact quote and if you like it, you can select “book this event” to schedule online. Easy as could be.

Our Margarita Machine Rentals

So, just what is included with this margarita machine rental. In short, everything but the alcohol. We can not legally sell alcohol.

Your rental will include a 2 bowl margarita machine mounted to a stainless steel service cart with a skirt. We even provide free delivery and next day pick up.

Drink mixes are available in a variety of popular flavors and are only $15 a piece. Margarita mixes make 75 servings and the rest make 65 servings. Choose from classic Margarita Gold, Strawberry Margarita, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricane, Lemonade, Peach Bellini and Blue Hawaiian.

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A margarita machine set up in a house in Oviedo.

A Look At The Machine

A margarita machine rental in Oviedo is only as good as the machine, right? That is obvious, but you might be amazed at what some companies try to pass of as a rental.

Our machines are impeccably maintained, new model machines. They are powerful and reliable. Take a look at some of the features that you will appreciate.

Double Bowl Design

Why limit yourself to one flavor when you can have two. This gives you the opportunity to offer your guests a choice or serve swirls. You can even make one side without alcohol for the kids.

Powerful Compressors

Our machines have the power to operate in the harsh Central Florida heat. They can freeze an entire 5 gallons of mix in just 90 minutes. Like all frozen drink machines, indoor setup is recommended when temperatures exceed 95 degrees.

Modern Design

Our machines feature a sleek black modern design. They are also mounted to a stainless steel cart with a skirt. Other companies like to roll out the plastic janitors cart. Not an attractive option.

Rental Questions

By now, you might have some questions. Here are the most common ones.

How many mixes should I order?

This will depend on your group to some extent. You know your party crowd in Oviedo better than we do. Most parties do well with one mix per 20 people. Mixes make between 65 to 75 servings each.

When is delivery in Oviedo?

Delivery times vary from week to week but you will get your machine at least 2 hours before your party starts. You will be contacted with a one hour window the day before your event.

Is alcohol included?

No, legally we can not provide alcohol. That is the one thing that you mist provide.

Can my machine be put on a boat?

No, our rentals are strictly for land use where we can find a dedicated 120 volt circuits. Generators can not be used to power our machines.