Margarita Machines

Looking to buy a margarita machine? With years of experience in the margarita machine industry, Margarita Monkey can help you choose the right model. Whether you need a high powered commercial beast or an easy to use margarita maker for home use, we have got you covered.

Take a look at our top picks.

Commercial Margarita Machine

Our choice for the average commercial business looking to buy a margarita machine is the Bunn Dual Hopper Machine.

A frozen margarita machine for commercial use.

Why We Like It

We use a double hopper machine in our margarita machine rental business and for the average commercial user, they have a number of benefits over the cabinet style machines you see at the bigger bars.

For starters, they are much more affordable than the stainless steel machines even though they feature the same sized compressor. They allow you to serve two different flavors, doubling your appeal to your customers, without the added expense of another machine and the required dedicated circuits. Finally, they are easy to clean and maintain. The machine breaks down in seconds and can be washed in a wash sink or commercial dish washer. The display will also alert you when required maintenance is needed.

If you will experience moderate drink demand and do not need ultra high capacity, the Bunn machine is a winner and a profit maker.

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Home Margarita Machine

When you make margaritas at home, you need a lesser quantity but you should not let quality suffer. That is why we like the Margarita Girl Single Bowl Mini.

A home style margarita machine.

Why We Like It

This Margarita Girl machine is a commercial style machine with a much more affordable price. It also has a much more manageable footprint to suit a home situation while still packing some powerful features. Makes 25 servings at a time and it will hold it at the perfect consistency. You will get a drink that is just like a restaurant frozen drink without the inconsistent texture of a blender made drink.

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Simple Margarita Maker

For the casual margarita enthusiast, a big machine might be just too much. For those who make margaritas less often, we like the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker.

A blender style frozen drink machine.


Why We Like It

Making a frozen drink with a standard blender can be a very frustrating experience that often results in watery, poor tasting product. The Margaritaville machine takes the guess work out of making your frozen drinks. It features an easy measure tool and automatic shave n mix feature that will make your life a whole lot easier. Will it make a margarita as smooth as what the Margarita Girl machine produces? No, but it is about a third of the price.

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